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The SkewerMate
utensil is a quality product which provides a safe, easy and neat way to remove food from a skewer. In one motion, you can remove one, some or all of the food from a skewer with no mess. The food lands exactly where you want it.

The SkewerMate
™ utensil is made of heavy duty stainless steel with a soft grip handle. The SkewerMate V-Slot design allows use with all skewer sizes and shapes. If you barbeque, you need SkewerMate!

How to Use:
Simply place the stainless steel SkewerMate™ V-Slot™ over the skewer, behind all or a portion of the food to be removed, and push gently. You may also combine (in various degrees) the pushing motion of the SkewerMate
with a pulling motion of the skewer, as you may prefer. The result: A beautiful presentation as if you placed each piece of food by hand.

Stainless Steel V-Slot design allows use with all skewer sizes and types
Large surface surrounding V-Slot allows pressure on food to be distributed evenly
Angled push surface keeps fingers/hands off food, safely away from the hot skewer and food (Please be sure to hold the hot skewer itself with a pot holder or similar insulator)
Soft grip handle
Dishwasher safe
Heavy gauge construction
Satisfaction guaranteed

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